Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Norway is a youth organisation under the Norwegian Atlantic Committee (DNAK) constructed to raise awareness of security, defense and foreign policy issues among young professionals, students and cadets.

YATA Norway is politically independent. We have four local chapters, YATA Oslo, YATA Trondheim, YATA Bergen and YATA Tromsø, in addition to the national board situated in Oslo. YATA Norway throws events like embassy visits and lectures from politicians, military leaders and scientists, as well as visits to military bases and workshops. We have around 1100 members nationally, and are experiencing rapid growth!


If you have any questions or just want to say hi, contact us at [email protected] You can reach our International Officer, Sunniva R. Skjeggestad at [email protected]

If you’re a social media geek like we are, follow us on Facebook and Twitter:

Skjermbilde 2013-10-19 kl. 12.00.12   Skjermbilde 2013-10-19 kl. 12.00.25

Do you want to send us something in the mail? Write this on the envelope:

YATA Norway, c/o DNAK
Fridtjof Nansens plass 8
0160 Oslo, Norway

The photo was taken during YATA International’s GA in Brussels. From the left: Sunniva Skjeggestad (International Officer), Lea Bjørgul (President of YATA Norway) and Eirik Natlandsmyr (YATA Bergen).